V6 News anchor Radhika Reddy commits suicide – ‘my brain is my enemy’ Sucide Note

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Radhika Reddy( a Noted female anchor, Aged 36 working as a senior news presentator in V6 News, a telugu tv channel in telangana state ) allegedly committed suicide late on Sunday Night, 1 April, by jumping from the fifth floor of her house in Hyderabad’s Moosapet.

The authorities have discovered a suicide note in Ms Reddy’s tote, which explained, “My Brain is My enemy” A case was registered and an investigation is on.

The authorities consider the TV anchor was afflicted by depression.


Radhika Reedy Female News Anchor at V6 News TV , Telangana


She arrived home from work and walked into the patio and jumped away, said the authorities.

The Kukatpally Police Station Sub-Inspector Majid Ali told news agency ANI that the V6 News anchor committed suicide shortly after coming back from work.

Her child has a psychological handicap, says that the police record.

Radhika Reddy expired on the place; she’d suffered a serious head injury and multiple fractures.

Reports state, Radhika Reddy along with her 14-year-old son were staying with her parents because her divorce six months ago.

The Hindu reported. The incident reportedly took place at around 10.50 pm.

Source : The Hindu & NDTV


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