Telugu Actress Sri Reddy Leaks : Rana’s Brother Abhiram intimate pics with sri reddy

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Actress Sri Reddy, who staged a semi-nude protest against sexual abuse she confronted in Telugu movie Industry, revealed a few details about the men who cheated, who exploited her. She also disclosed some personal photographs.

On Monday, she told a news station 99TV that senior producer Daggubati Suresh Babu’s son Daggubati Abhi Ram cheated.

On Tuesday, she handed a few photos of Abhi Ram, son of Suresh Babu and younger brother of Rana Daggubati.

Sri Reddy On Abhiram Daggubati Live :  99TV Sri Reddy Video Tweet


The photos show Abhi Ram kissing her lips, and hugging intimately.

After Revealing the personal pics of Abhiram Daggubati, srireddy emotionally spoken

Suresh Babu’s son cheated me so badly. The studio belongs to the government and it is meant to help and support talented people. They have to use it in a proper way. This Suresh Babu’s son took me to that studio and f**d me so badly in the studio only.” – said SriReddy.

The personal pictures had Abhiram kissing Sri Reddy, which is currently going viral news on social media from past day.

srireddy tweeted –

“not just a girl, but he also enjoyed with a Sona named Transgender,  very strong sexual desire having person Abhiram.

Sri Reddy currently giving interview about the injustice caused by Telugu actresses from the tollywood industry.

She also talked about casting couch and sexual harrassment in Tollywood.

She moved on to show names of Viva Harsha and few others, who need her sexual favours to receive her roles in movies.

When none reacted to her, Sri Reddy chosen for naked protest outside the TELANGANA STATE FILM CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
on Saturday.

The MAA(Movie Artist Association) failed to provide her membership and threatened to prohibit the actors, who work together with her.

MAA rejected her Membership application because the application is violating the Rules & Regulations, & she started protesting.

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