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Tsavari Smart Bike - hyderabad Metro Rail Official App

Everyone has excited about the Hyderabad Metro Rail Project. It is the collaborated product of Telangana State Government &  Central Government.

HMR is the world’s largest Metro Rail project based on DBFOT basis. Sri S.P.Singh, Chief-Secretary to Government of Telangana is the Chairman of Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited.



hyderabad metro rail ebikes prices

“To create an efficient, safe, reliable, economical & world class public transportation system in Hyderabad which will facilitate the city’s transformation as a competitive global city with high quality of life”



Hyderabad Metro Rail FARE Chart 

hyderabad metro rail ebikes prices


About Smart Bikes

These trendy smart Bikes at stations are provided by a leading technological company Cykul. This company has launched bicycles service at a few metro stations on Wednesday, 29 Nov 2017 . Previously this company has worked with DLF to give employees cycles on sharing basis. Now it extended its service to Hyderabad Metro. Cykul is one of the leading technology companies.

Hyderabad Metro Rail  Smart Bikes – In Brief 

Cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad are known for their heavy traffics.

One of the main motto of Metro Rail is to overcome the traffic in the twin cities. in addition to this HMR has come with new unique idea.

There is an arrangement of cycles near every metro rail station. These cycles are specially imported from Germany and are being called smart bikes.

Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi, has inaugurated  the 1st metro rail, Miyapur station having 25 Bikes.

As for the sources these cycle stations are going to be planted at 400 different places including 64 metro stations with around 10,000 cycles. These cycle stations are arranged by Hyderabad Cycling Club.

The Token / Smart Card can be purchased at any Station from 29th November, 2017 onwards from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


Tsavaari – Official Hyderabad Metro Rail App 


SmartBikes ? How it works

The number of smart cycles do not meet the demand as per people ratio. So, these smart bikes are only available for people who register prior to the ride.

NextBike (Official) – Smart Bike(Same with Different Label)

To get registered you’ll need to pay sum of Rs.500 at HBC

( Hyderabad Bicycling Club – Hyderabad Metro Rail)

hyderabad metro rail Smart Bikes - Miyapur
Smart Bikes @ Hyderabad Metro Rail

They are going to release smart bike app on day of Hyderabad Metro inauguration, you’ll need download it.

To activate it you have to press the on-board computer on the cycle and scan the QR code on the app.

For QR code on the app you’ll have to enter the cycle series number. only after this the cycle’s lock opens up.

After reaching nearest station you have to lock and enter the required  details in the computer.

Payment can be done through credit or debit card system. If not the smart cycle app, you can also access the cycles through cards issued by HBC.

V6 News Covered Smart Bike Uisng(Telugu) @ Hyderabad Metro Rail


One more interesting solidity, these smart bikes are equipped with GPS. Therefore every cycle’s path is observed by control room through its unique number. Control room is located at Begumpet temporarily.

Smart Bike Pricing

First half-hour is FREE for registered persons.

It’s Rs.10 for first hour and Rs.15 for every half-hour later on.

After 8 hours you’ll be charged Rs.100 for every hour.

They’ve given Pass facility for more convenience to public. They can be collected at HBC. And their price is divided by months basis.

                                                         1 month           Rs.199 /-

                                                         3 months         Rs.399/-

                                                         6 months         Rs.599/-

                                                         Per year         Rs.1999/-

“With this, we are stepping into the league of world-class cities where masstransit meets shared economy cutting through all sections of the society ” Mr. Harapanahalli . HBC chairman D.V.Manohar said that the prices are hiked after 8 hours as passengers wont keep it longer than needed.


For More Information about visit – Hyderabad Metro Rail official Website : HMRL Telangana


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