Nirbhaya Rape and Murder Case – Supreme Court Verdict

Nirbhaya Verdict - Supreme Court upholds death sentence for Nirbhaya gangrape-murder convicts

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  • Death for Nirbhaya‘s rapists upheld.
  • Three convicts out of four who were sentenced to death filed review pleas before SC.
  • Ram Singh, one of the accused had committed suicide in jail in Tihar.
  • While the juvenile was taken in by juvenile justice board (JJB) but was late released after 3 years term of reformation home.


#NirbhayaVerdict – #JusticeForNirbhaya

July 9 2018 , Supreme Court sustained the death sentence ordered on the convicts. Three convicts out of four who were sentenced to death filed review pleas before SC. They pleaded to reduce death sentence to life time imprisonment.

Nirbhaya Rape and Murder Case Supreme Court Verdict
credits : ANI

The verdict was pronounced by justice Ashok Bhushan and R Bhanumathi, headed by Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra. They also said “There is no new material to review our order,” on review petition of 3 convicted Mukesh, Pawan Gupta and Vinay Sharma aged 29, 22 and 23 respectively.

The 4th convict, Akshay Kumar Singh aged 31, didn’t file a review petition on Supreme courts Judgement last year.


“Trust in Judiciary restored” said Nirbhaya’s Parents :

Asha Devi, Nirbhaya’s mother said that their trust in the judiciary system had been restored by this act.

“They were not juveniles. It is disastrous that they committed such a crime. This decision from Supreme Court prolongs our trust in the court that we will definitely going get justice,” said Asha Devi.

Badrinath Singh, Nirbhaya’s father stated that threats to women in this country are still waxing up.

“We knew that review plea will be dismissed. But what changed? So much time has taken and gone by & threat to women are still increasing day by day. I believe that, the sooner they’re hanged, the better it is,” said Badrinath Singh.

Asha Devi also added that, though justice has been served, but the delay of justice is affecting many women in the country. She also requested judiciary system to stiffen their judicial system and hang the convicted as soon as possible to send message across the country.

Lets hope that  we’ll soon see, Asha Devi and Badrinath Singh wish of fast and tighten judicial system.



Nirbhaya Parents are Happy with Supreme Courts #NirbhayaVerdict



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