Hyderabad Tops Global Cities List – JLL’s CMI 2018 Report

Best city in the world jll cmi 2018

Hyderabad City is Ranked No.1 in JLL’s City Momentum Index

JLL (Global Researcher) puts Hyderabad on the top in its short-term momentum top-30 2018 list.

The Hyderabad city surpassed Bengaluru, which was leading in 2017 According to the report, Hyderabad is the leader across 30 global cities in terms of demographic & economic growth – KTR Said

City Momentum Index ?

The CMI (City Momentum Index) –  Index covers 131 major Emerging and Established markets and Monitors a broad Assortment of factors to identify cities that have the Most Powerful short-term Profession and commercial Property Rally, and Also the Ones That have the future-proofing Potential for longer-term success.

Hyderabad has topped the worldwide graphs in the JLL’s City Momentum Index (CMI) from the Short-Term Momentum rankings class with Bangalore carrying the next place.

CMI  TOP 30 Short-Term Momentum Ranks based on these Key Factors :

  • Population
  • Connectivity
  • RE Investment
    Property Prices
  • Economic Output
  • Corporate Activity
  • Construction
  • Retail Sales

JLL’s City Momentum Index (CMI), currently in its fifth season, tracks a wide assortment of elements to identify those towns that have the attributes for achievement within the long and short term.

The CMI – Index covers 131 significant emerging and established industry hubs throughout the planet, measuring every town’s short-term socio-economic and industrial property momentum, with its own ‘future-proofing’ capability , the capacity to keep this momentum over the long run.


TOP 10 Cities In The World [Based on JLL CMI 2018 Report]

  1. Hyderabad
  2. Bangalore
  3. Ho Chi Minh City
  4. Pune
  5. Kolkata
  6. Hanoi
  7. Nanjing
  8. Delhi
  9. Hangzhou
  10. Xian


City Momentum Index Top 30 global cities

The 2018 CMI targets for the first time on these cities that have the qualities essential to handle and benefit from the accelerated technological change in the worldwide market and assesses their future-proofing possible.

Possibles based in factors like innovation capacity, ability and world-class higher education, elevated levels of technologies start-ups and scale-ups, patent software, people infrastructure and also the standard of the surroundings.

“Hyderabad is Not Listed In Future Proofing : Global Top 30 Cities”



While a number of the world’s largest and most globally connected cities attribute in this listing  such as New York, London, Paris and Tokyo.

Smaller metro regions able to leverage their strengths in education, liveability and sustainability such as Silicon Valley, Melbourne and Stockholm also play strongly.

India Asserts its pre-eminence from the Short-Term Momentum Ranks with four of the top five markets, Because its cities enroll one of the greatest rates of economic and demographic development internationally, while also Benefiting from government attempts to improve business beauty and invest in infrastructure.

Top Cities In India according to JLL CMI 2018

The Nation’s top technology hubs Hyderabad (1st) and Bangalore (2nd) take the two leading positions, while Pune (4th) and Kolkata (5th) round out the top.

Mumbai (20th) Rank also feature in the International Top 30, together with continuing strong demand from tech, finance and Pharmaceutical firms keeping take-up volumes buoyant and investor action on an upward course.

Chinese cities show no indication of decreasing momentum, accounting for 11 of the worldwide Top 30. China’s ‘Powerhouses’, that can be incorporated into international production networks and motors of the federal Market Nanjing (7th) and Hangzhou (9th)  would be the very best performers, boosted with their change up the Value series.

They’re joined by niches with a solid talent base that are becoming international leaders China’s ‘Launched World Cities’ Shanghai (15th) and Beijing (22nd) remain one of the planet’s most Dynamic markets, supported by a raft of advanced, ‘next generation’ businesses, rapidly-developing Infrastructure and educated workforce’s.

Information & Image Credits to Official JLL.COM

KTR Tweeted on The CMI Short-Term Momentum Rankings


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