GHMC: Now, Robots to Clean Manholes in Hyderabad


Robotic Machine to wipe out manual scavenging in Hyderabad

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) on Tuesday introduced a robotic manhole desilting machine. The robotic machine cleans manholes with the help of the operator.

This eliminates the risk of men entering manholes for cleaning sewers and clearing blockages and work in unhygienic and risky conditions.




How GHMC Manhole Cleaning Robot Machine Works

The machine is developed by a Kerala-based GenRobotic Innovations company.  They named it Bandicoot Manhole cleaning machine. The machine is an automated system with a stationary unit to control the operations. The robotic cleaning machine is equipped with a user interface at the top while, at the bottom, there is a robotic device with tentacles that aid in grabbing, picking and shoveling waste from manholes.


Key Feature of Bandicoot Manhole cleaning machine

  • Bandicoot cleaning machine comes with cameras, which are connected to a screen and the user can monitor the live internal inspection of sewer lines.


  • The clogs can be monitored from the screen and the operator does not need to get into the manhole as the tentacle-like rods collect the waste and shovels it out of the manhole.


  • The robotic cleaning machine can be operated in manholes up to 8 meters deep and can be comfortably used in standard-sized (diameter) manholes.



  • It has a bucket capacity of 16 liters.


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  • Bandicoot Manhole cleaning machine is enabled with poisonous gas detectors to provide additional safety to the operator from gases such as methane, hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide, etc.




GHMC to Use Bandicoot Manhole cleaning machine

Speaking after the launch, GHMC Mayor Rammohan said the Municipal Corporation was taking up different initiatives to eliminate manual scavenging. Already, sweeping machines were being utilized to sweep major roads, along with mini-jetting machines to clear sewers.

The Rs 32 lakh robotic machine was sponsored by K Raheja Corp under its corporate social responsibility initiative.



There are 30,000 manholes in GHMC limits. While those in erstwhile Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad limits are being maintained by HMWSSB, others in the fringe municipalities are being maintained by GHMC. Based on the feedback over the efficiency of the robotic machine, more will be introduced in other areas.



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