Balapur Ganesh Laddu Auction Candidate List From 2019 To1994

Balapur Ganesh Laddu cost 2019 auction

Balapur Laddu 2019 Auction:

The Balapur Ganesh Laddu auctioned for Rs 17.60 lakh this year and Kolan Rami Reddy has bagged the laddu. The auction for the laddu started at 10:23 am by the Balapur Ganesh Utsav Samithi for the 26th time in its history on Thursday. A total of 19 members participated in the auction bidding. The Balapur laddu auction began at Rs 1,116 from the committee side and it reached Rs 17.60 lakh within 10 minutes time. Kolan Rami Reddy brought the Balapur Laddu for RS. 17.60 lakhs this year.

Balapur Ganesh Laddu 2019 AUCTION

Balapur laddu which begun auction in 1994 was auctioned at Rs 450 for the first time. Ever since then the auction started the price kept going up and it had crossed Rs 16.60 lakh last year.

Who Brought Balapur Ganesh Laddu 2019

The Balapur Ganesh Laddu auctioned for Rs 17.60 lakh this year and Kolan Rami Reddy has bagged the laddu.

The laddu has linked a strong sentiment among devotees. It is believed that getting Balapur laddu will bring success and fortune to the home in all aspects like business, education, agricultural, good health and wealth.

With each year, more and more devotees from across the state make a beeline to grab the popular Balapur Ganesh laddu through bidding. As the laddu gaining popularity every year, this year Balapur Ganesh laddu is expected to be actioned around 17 to 18 lakhs. Stay tuned to our website for live update on Balapur Ganesh laddu auction price and the winner.

Who Made Balapur Laddu This Year 2019:

Do you know where the Balapur laddu is being prepared?
For that past several years, the Balapur Ganesh laddu is being donated by Uma Maheshwara Rao for free of cost. This year, the laddu weighing about 21-kgs was prepared by Uma Maheswar Rao of East Godavari district sweet maker.

who brought Balapur Ganesh Laddu 2019

Balapur Laddu 2018 Auction Details:

Balapur laddu was auctioned for Rs 450 in 1994 when it was started. K Mohan Reddy, a farmer won the laddu in the first auction. Last year auction (2018), the laddu was picked up at a record bid price of Rs 16.6 lakh by Teretipalli Srinivas Gupta, the president of Balapur Mandal Arya Vaishya Sangam.

Balapur Ganesh Laddu 2019 auction Details:

This year four non-locals participating in the Balapur laddu auction 2019. Eight devotees including four non-locals are participating in Balapur laddu auction. One of the non-locals is GVK Reddy belonging to Nellore district. When asked Mr. Reddy why he is participating in the auction, he said: “I prayed Balapur Ganesh to make YS Jagan Mohan Reddy as Andhra Pradesh CM”. He wants to fulfill his vow and ready to bid how much ever auction price might be. GVK Reddy wants to give it YS Jagan after he wins laddu in the auction.

who purchased Balapur Ganesh Laddu 2019

Balapur Laddu Auction Details From 1994 to 2019:

S.NO Year  Bidder Name  Amount
1 1994 Kolan Mohan Reddy 450
2 1995 Kolan Mohan Reddy 4500
3 1996 Kolan Mohan Reddy 18,000
4 1997 Kolan Mohan Reddy 28,000
5 1998 Kolan Mohan Reddy 51,000
6 1999 Kallem Anji Reddy 65,000
7 2000 Kallem Pratap Reddy 66,000
8 2001 G. Raghunandan Chary 85,000
9 2002 Kandada Madhava Reddy 1,05,000
10 2003 Chigirintha Bal Reddy 1,55,000


11 2004 Kolan Mohan Reddy 2,01,000
12 2005 Ibram Shekar 2,08,000
13 2006 Chigirintha Tirupati Reddy 3,00,000
14 2007 G Raghunandan Chary 4,15,000
15 2008 Kolan Mohan Reddy 5,07,000
16 2009 Saritha 5,10,000
17 2010 Kodali Sridhar Babu 5,35,000
18 2011 Kolan Brothers 5,45,000
19 2012 Pannala Goverdhan Reddy 7,50,000
20 2013 Teegala Krishna Reddy 9,26,000
21 2014 Singi Reddy Jaihind Reddy 9,50,000
22 2015 Kallem Madhan Mohan Reddy 10,32,000
23 2016 Skylab Reddy 14,65,000
24 2017 Nagam Thirupathi Reddy 15,60,000
25 2018 T Srinivas Guptha 16,60,000
26 2019 Kolan Ram Reddy 17,60,000

Hope This Ganesh Chaturthi brings you lots of Prosperity, Wealth and Health to you and your family.

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